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About us

CRACOW SPIRIT is a polish licensed incoming tour operator, established in 2001, which specialises in ground arrangements for individuals and groups travelling to Cracow and Poland.
Thanks to our professionalism and expertise we can offer you high quality of services, reliability, flexibility combined with reasonable prices.
Our team is both well qualified and experienced. We would like to encourage you to set up a profitable co-operation with us and we are sure that we will come up to our clients' expectations.
In order to get more details about our activities do not hesitate to contact us. We would be very happy and proud if you trust us and place new orders with us.

Yours sincerely,

Tadeusz Smoter

Contact data

os. Centrum D 2/111
31-932 Krakow, Poland
Tel./Fax: +48 12 643 69 25
E-mail: office@cracowspirit.pl
Http: www.cracowspirit.pl
Skype: cracowspirit

Commercial data

Trading name: CRACOW SPIRIT Tadeusz Smoter
Licence no. D/361/01/262/2004
Enterprise reg. no.: 71547
Member of Cracow Chamber of Tourism

Financial data

Bank account (PLN) no.: 36 1240 4650 1111 0000 5156 1419
Bank account (EURO) no.(IBAN): PL 11 1240 4650 1978 0000 5156 4885
Bank details: Bank Pekao S.A. , O/ Krakow, Rynek Gl. 47, 30-960 Krakow, Poland

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